Wine & Cheese brought to you by
Wine & Cheese brought to you by
2w ago

Found some more Red Leister at my local store closer to home yesterday & this Amish Blue.

This Red was a bit less expensive than the one we bought last week at Central Market. When I got it home I compared it to the one from last week. Last week’s is darker in color & I think creamier. Also stronger in flavor though both are very good. Since we don’t venture to downtown often I’ll be getting this new one more.

We haven’t tried the Amish Blue yet but I’m sure we’ve had it before in Ohio. I think I’ll top my burger with the Blue this week.

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Comments (4)

  • I love cheese!

      17 days ago
  • Blue cheese just makes burgers better.😀

      18 days ago
  • Glad you like red Leicester Denise. You're not going to believe this but that red fox is the one we buy here in England. It's very good 😃😃🍷

      18 days ago