Four variations of the whipped caffeine infusion taking the world by storm.

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As of late, Dalgona coffee has become a viral trend on social media, sparking popularity from a South Korean actor who likened the frothy coffee's flavour to a Korean honeycomb toffee, 'dalgona' (달고나). Trending on TikTok and Instagram, this particular style of whipped coffee also traces its origins back to the subcontinent where it is referred to as 'beaten coffee'.

1. Mocha Dalgona Coffee - for the chocolate lovers

Combine equal parts of sugar, instant coffee and hot water using a whisk (or even better, an electric hand mixer), until thick and creamy. Add in cocoa powder and continue to beat the mixture until frothy. Add in some milk for a piping hot coffee, or enjoy cold by adding in some ice cubes!

2. Matcha Dalgona Coffee - for an antioxidant punch

Substitute instant coffee for matcha powder. Whip together matcha powder, sugar and hot water in an equal ratio. Serve with milk and ice for a refreshing and cooling afternoon drink - a whipped matcha latte.

3. Boba Dalgona Coffee - for the bubble tea fanatics

Boil a 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls and pour them into the base of a glass. Add in milk, a drizzle of honey for added sweetness, and top with a whipped mixture of coffee, sugar and hot water.

4. Coconut Dalgona Coffee - for a healthier, dairy-free option

Whip together equal quantities of instant coffee, hot water and coconut sugar until thick and foamy. Pour coconut milk into a glass and add in the whipped coffee mixture. Serve hot or add ice for a cold, decadent caffeine-hit.

My favourite is the mocha version - how about you?

Share your favourite in the comments!

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  • Matcha, Mocha an and coconut- what could possibly go wrong?

      8 months ago
  • I will try, thank you. A good Idea 💡 😄

      8 months ago