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Four great online cooking classes to help you level up in the kitchen

Because what else are you going to do right now?

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I consider myself a pretty decent cook. I can make a solid veggie curry. Throw together a reliable soup. My salads have had a few compliments in their time.

But I often find myself falling into a cooking rut, relying on the same rotation of spices and staple vegetables. I could do with developing my kitchen know-how. What better time, now that we’re all stuck at home? And with a huge range of online classes available, it’s the perfect opportunity to level up our cooking skills.

Here are four tasty virtual cooking classes you could do...

1) Italian grub taught by an actual Italian nonna

Nonna Nerina (sorry but is that the most adorable Grandma name ever?) usually leads cooking classes IRL as part of her Airbnb Experience, ‘handmade pasta with grandma’. Obviously we can’t partake in the real-life class right now because of coronavirus, but while Airbnb Experiences are on hold, you can sign up to take Nonna Nerina’s online class.

In the two-hour live stream class, Nonna Live, Nerina and her granddaughter Chiara will show you how to cook their fave family recipes. The menu includes vegetarian fettucine, cannelloni, lasagne, ravioli and gnocchi - depending on which day you tune in. Each live stream sesh costs $60. Get on it quick before the spots fill up!

2) Masterful cooking with *the* Gordon Ramsay

This could be the cooking class of your life...assuming he won’t scream and swear at you. Gordon Ramsay is teaching a 20-part course on Masterclass. That’s right: via an impressive *20* videos, the Michelin star chef will teach you everything from knife skills to pasta dough, from beef wellington to breaking down a whole fish. You can watch the videos in your own time and you’ll also get a downloadable cookbook to complement the class.

MasterClass is a really cool platform where you can take classes from genuine masters in their field. Chefs Alice Waters, Thomas Keller and Dominique Ansel also have classes on there. The monthly membership fee is $15 or you can splash $90 for a single class.

3) The ultimate in resourceful cooking

You may be reading this thinking you might not have the ingredients needed for some of these classes. Enter the all-new What’s In Your Fridge?! class. It’s a one-hour tutorial from The Chef & The Dish where you’ll be randomly matched with one of the site’s chefs. Your chef will video conference into your kitchen and ask you to show them your fridge, freezer and pantry. Then they’ll help you put together a delicious meal. The limited-time only class costs $99 for up to two people.

4) Learn how to make the bread everyone is making

You’ve seen it plastered across your social feeds. Delicious loaves of freshly baked sourdough bread. Right now there are more than 2.7 million sourdough posts on Instagram. That’s *a lot* of starter. These easy breezy posts make sourdough baking look easy, and folks: it ain’t.

That’s where this Sourdough Bread Baking 101 class comes in. It’s on Udemy and it costs less than $20. You’ll learn how to bake your first real sourdough loaf with coaching from an expert baker, for you to share with whoever you’re isolating with - and the rest of the world on Insta, duh.

🍞 All you home chefs out there: what class are you going for? 🍞

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