Four Seasons Hotel in Milan to open its doors again on July 1

The second-best Four Seasons in Italy. I know, I'm biased

41w ago

Italy is gradually recovering from Covid and most restaurants, hotels and bars are now open for business. The Four Seasons hotel in Florence is open again and the one in Milan is set to follow suit next week, on July 1, welcoming guests and patrons to the La Veranda restaurants for gourmet dining, signature cocktails and, you'll love this, the so-called 'Chocolate Room'.

The Four Seasons Milano is located in Via Gesù (yes, it literally means Jesus Street) in the heart of Milan. Set in an ex 15th-century convent, it was restored in the early 1980s, at the height of the Italian boom. Among other things, you'll be able to enjoy the hotel's flagship cocktail, called Passion Spritz, which is basically Spritz made with passionfruit and elderflower.

The Four Seasons hotel in Milan is fabulous, no doubt about it. Obviously it's not as fabulous as the one in Florence but then again I'm biased because I was born and raised in Florence. All jokes aside, the Four Seasons is an awesome spot, with a huuuuge garden and tremendous attention to detail. Just like the Four Seasons in Florence, the vast majority of activities within the premises of the hotel are open to anyone, not just booked guests.

There's an app, by the way, called the Four Seasons app, which you can download to check with the various activities and book your seats at the restaurant.

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