Fratello: an Italian liqueur for those who love hazelnuts

Produced with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, it is a liquid delight

1y ago

I met it by chance, in a hotel on Monte Rosa. I wanted a drink other than grappa, and they offered me a "hazelnut liqueur".

I fell madly in love with its flavour, and by the end of my holiday, the bottle was also finished.

Fratello is a delicious liqueur obtained by distilling the best Piedmont IGP hazelnuts (Tonda Gentile) together with cocoa. Its unique formula includes an infusion of hazelnuts, vanilla berries from Madagascar and elderflowers gathered on the slopes of the Alps.

It does not have a too high alcohol content: it is 20% so it can be used to prepare a delicious "affogato" with ice cream.

Or, thanks to its delicious flavour, Fratello can be the base for some cocktails, but above all, it is perfect drunk straight.

If you like hazelnuts, and sweet flavours don't bother you, this is the liquor for you.


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