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F​ree Carrots for Rudolph at Tesco and Morrisons!

T​esco and Morrisons are giving away free carrots to help out with reindeer pack-ups on Christmas Eve

1y ago

T​esco and Morrisons are serving up a treat for Santa's hoofy helpers, by offering free carrots to help keep Santa's reindeers' energy levels up on Christmas Eve!

T​esco are operating a 'help yourself' system, where wonky carrots can be selected from a box and taken with you; while Morrisons are supplying reindeers with 125,000 paper bags filled to the brim with carrots! T​hese bags will be handed out by staff to Morrisons customers and are labelled simply as 'Carrots for Rudolph'. The carrots are either misshaped, oversized or scarred, but of course still perfectly edible.

C​ustomers seem to have been overjoyed with this magical idea, commenting, "How cute!", while others were disappointed there weren't any other treats up for the taking: "Shame they couldn't offer a free mince pie for Santa instead!"

H​opefully this got you in the festive spirit and ready to catch Santa scoffing your goodies...!

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