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Freezers, don't you just love them? Here's my perfect fish soup recipe

Spend a couple of hours on a Sunday to prepare and freeze a few stocks – midweek dinner sorted!

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I am in a habit of collecting and freezing all sorts of bones and trimmings from meat, chicken, ducks, fish, prawns and crustaceans, and then I prepare and freeze stocks.

Here is one example of Friday dinner. I had couple of couple of chicken thighs and a dozen or so vegetables. I bought a dozen Queensland prawns, generous handful of Tasmanian scallops and a dozen mussels. And there it is, fish soup!

The method is very simple. I clean and devein prawns, clean scallops, clean and open mussels in a separate pot in their own juices and a bit of dry white wine. Then I first toss the vegetable in a very hot wok with a small quantity of grape seed or rice bran oil (two oils with highest burning temperature), bring my frozen fish stock to boil.

Meanwhile, drain vegetables in a colander from oil and drop them in stock for 3-4 minutes. I then toss prawns and scallops in hot wok for 1 minute, add cooking liquid from mussels to stock. Stock is off the fire and I drop partly cooked prawns and scallops into hot stock – they just steep there and don't overcook.

Then put mussels into pot and it's ready to eat!

Just tear fresh baguette and add a bottle of Australian Riesling!

One thing to note: no matter how clean mussels are, there's always sand on the bottom of the mussel pot. Please strain cooking liquid from mussels through cheese cloth. And enjoy it!

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