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Freixenet launches Spanish still wines – aka your new go-to summer barbecue wine

This trio – a Sauvignon Blanc, a Rosado, and a Rioja – will be your go-to barbecue/picnic/summer party wines

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You probably know Freixenet from its iconic Cordon Negro Brut Cava. While Cava seems to have mostly lost out to Prosecco in the battle of the affordable fizzes, you still always see Freixenet on shelves, and I quite often buy a bottle as an alternative.

After launching a range of Italian still wines last year, Freixenet has now launched a trio of Spanish still wines: a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosado and Rioja. Each is presented in a rather fetching frosted glass bottle, which I can basically guarantee will turn heads at shops, or wherever you decide to take it.

What do the Freixenet Spanish stills taste like and what will they go with?

Freixenet Sauvignon Blanc

You might not have seen a lot of Spanish Sauvignon Blanc around before – lots from New Zealand and France of course – but it turns out the Spanish do a pretty good job in that department too. The grapes are picked at night time so they're still nice and fresh and crisp. Basically this wine is everything you’ll want from a Sauvignon.

The nose gives you loads of crisp green apple, lime, and a nice herbaceous note. On the palate, it gets the mouth watering so you just want to go back for another sip, with more of that apple and citrus fruit, along with some tropical fruit too.

This wine is going to be perfect with fish, salad, chicken, seafood, carpaccio or even seared beef. Wine expert Will Willis even suggested it would work if you dropped an oyster in it, for a surprising amuse bouche (however, the way I feel about oysters… my bouche would not be amused. I'll leave it up to you on that one!).

Freixenet Rosado

Everyone I’ve drunk Rose with recently (I mean I say recently, we haven’t really been able to drink with anyone else for more than a year!), has been into their Provence-style Rose. We’re talking light, pale, beautiful drinks. This follows suit, with a gorgeous pale salmon pink, almost coppery, rose gold hue? It looks seriously pretty in the glass.

The nose has lots of lovely fresh and delicate aromas. There’s some blossom in there, and lots of cherry and raspberry. On the palate you get some delicate fruit and lots of strawberry.

This one is just perfect for summer. Will Willis said it would be a spot on pairing with lamb chops, or it might work with some chocolate dipped strawberries or other fruity desserts.

Freixenet Rioja

La Rioja is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. While a lot of that is down to the scenery, it’s of course also because of all the wonderful wine that comes from the region. A lot of it is aged in oak, but this Freixenet Rioja isn’t. It’s fresh, fruity, and almost a bit Beaujolais Nouveau in style. (Ok, so apparently a small amount fo the wine is oaked to add a bit of character and mouthfeel, according to Will, but it doesn’t change the flavour.)

The colour is bright, iridescent red with a pinky hue. On the nose there’s loads of raspberries, strawberries and almost a herbal mintyness. Maybe not quite mint, but along those lines…!

On the palate it’s packing loads of flavour. The acidity is really well managed. It’s basically like drinking a big strawberry tart. It’s crisp, makes your mouth water, and you’ll want to keep on drinking it.

Food wise, this would go really well with salty meat, tapas, cheese. Will said an ideal pairing would be a tomato and chorizo stew, as you’ve got the fruitiness and the saltiness.

Where can you get hold of the Freixenet Spanish stills trio?

All the wines are £9 RRP and available from Ocado or Slurp. Slurp currently has some offers on though, so get in there and stock up for all those summer barbecues, parties and picnics. These are a trio of easy drinking, commercial, but still expressive wines.

Which do you like the sound of best?

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Comments (4)

  • Cordon negro is superb going to have to these a go

      3 days ago
  • Interesting I’ve never heard of these, must try it!

      7 days ago
  • Freixenet Rioja is very good on a warm evening on the back patio with fragrances of a barbecue in the air.

      7 days ago
  • Mmmm I see some tasty sangrias in my future.

      7 days ago