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French chocolatier designs Corona-themed Easter eggs

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, right?

42w ago

This year, Easter Sunday falls on 12 April, which I accept may take some of you by surprise since there has been absolutely no mention of it anywhere at all.

Supermarkets have been especially reticent this year, filling only about 90% of each of their stores with giant cardboard boxes containing a measly thin chocolate egg. That’s before the various bright yellow “spring chicken” and bunny rabbit spin-offs are considered. Oh, and don’t forget the thousands of cases of miniature Creme Eggs.

With such miniscule references to Easter in shops I would never belittle anyone who had completely forgotten about it.

The emergence of a killer virus has been a bit distracting too.

Isn’t it amazing that despite the persistent panic buying of shoppers tearing supermarket aisles apart that Easter egg stocks have remained sturdy (the only thing about them that is)? In fact, I doubt very much that even one has been sold anywhere in the world.

Thankfully, a chocolate maker in France has designed a real winner to celebrate the resurrection of Christ by combining the hated Covid-19 virus and the ignored chocolate eggs to create an Easter egg styled on the Coronavirus virus.

Jean-François Pré became so bored with the incessant publicity of the virus that he decided to satirically honour it in the form of a chocolate mould. The spherical chocolate designs are so realistic that they even include bright red nodules to represent a scientific close-up of the virus.

The chocolates can be found exclusively at Pré’s shop on a street called Rue Louis Pasteur in Landivisiau, west France. As of 4 March he had only sold four, but once word gets out I’m sure that sales will start to spread…

Put me down for three hundred.

What is your favourite Easter egg?

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  • Hahaha boredom at times can be source of genius

      9 months ago