French fry shortage to hit USA

Are french fries a necessity or a nice to have? You may soon find out

Ben K posted in Food Fun
1y ago

You may have seen the reports that the USA is on the brink of a french fry shortage. Potato processors are racing to keep french fries on the menu after an unusually wet and cold growing season hit major potato farming areas in the USA and Canada.

Bloomberg reports that "Cool conditions started to hit growing regions in October. Growers in Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota received snow and rain, forcing them to abandon some supplies in fields."

The problem seems to be two fold. In Idaho the harvest yield was only around 85% since the October frost. Compounding the problem the potatoes are unusually small and less desirable due to the poor weather this year.

CNN reports that the price of french fries at fast food restaurants are not likely to change much. This is due to major chains locking in prices ahead of time for the year. Smaller local restaurants, grocery stores and bars could very likely have to hike prices of the precious resource soon. The best guess is that although prices may go up, most people will not notice the difference.

On a scale of 1-10 how important are those crispy browns?

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  • Thanks Ben, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight

      1 year ago
  • Does this include sweet potatoes though!??!?!!???!!!!????!!?!?!?!????!!!!!?!

      1 year ago
    • Sweet potatoes are grown down south and imported. It sounds like it was a combination of wet and frost up North that led to the problems. Maybe McDonald's should move to sweet potato fries?

        1 year ago
    • Thank goodness

        1 year ago
  • Make your own 😎

    It’ll taste better anytime

      1 year ago
  • High potato country here, didnt have too many issues, we have the mccain plant just south of us, ill believe it when i see it (i saw many truckloads harvested 😊)

      1 year ago
    • They said the total potato harvest dropped by about 8% this year. Doesn't sound like a lot but I wouldn't want to survive on 8% less coffee....

        1 year ago
    • #truth

        1 year ago

      1 year ago