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- Colourful dish: rice with vegetables and chicken

Friday's dinner: Chicken with rice and vegetables recipe

Don't you have idea for good and easy dinner? Here is one of them, give it a try

I really really like simple way of creating dishes, that's very good option for Friday's afternoon or evening, when not everyone has enough time and energy to prepare more challenging dish for weekend. Thanks to this recipe you may safe time and focus on other things which are important for you knowing that such fantastic dinner is waiting for you and all you have to do is heat it in microwave or on frying pan, Isn't that a wonderful idea? I know it is. All you need is chicken, rice, vegetables and herbs. It's solid portion of nice food, so good news is that you can take a rest for few days from cooking 😊




Chicken breasts (400g)

White rice ( 350g) you can also use brown if you want ( everything depends on your preferences)

Chicken seasoning mix (x1 tablespoon)

Small carrot (x1)

Onion (x1) or two small

Canned grean peas (70g)

Canned sweetcorn (70g)

Bell peper ( x2) colour depends on your preferences to my dish I used green and yellow

a bit of oil to slather chicken (50ml)

Garlic powder ( x1 teaspoon)

Turmenic (x1/2 of teaspoon) and curry powder (x1 teaspoon)

Salt and pepper ( to taste)


1. Boil rice according to the instruction on a package. In meantime, wash and dice chicken, put chicken to bowl add oil and seasoning mix. Mix it together, heat the frying pan and fry the chicken. set chicken aside for a moment. 👇

2. Next, chop onion, bell peppers, grate carrot and drain peas and sweetcorn. Fry onion on the same pan on medium heat till gold colour, then add rest of vegetables and fry for 7 minutes stiring. 👇

3. Cooked and drained rice add partialy to vegetables, mix it gently then add chicken. Add salt,pepper and garlic powder to taste or any other seasonings which you like. Mix it once again and dish is ready to serve.


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