Fuller's Brewery stops collecting rent from pubs

The Chiswick based brewery is doing everything it can to protect the small businesses it operates through.

1y ago

There's no two ways about it: this is a bad time to be a pub landlord. The doors have been forced closed on watering holes nationwide, and whilst the government is assisting with wages, some pub owners will be struggling with the other miscellany of outlays.

Fullers Smith and Turner, or simply 'Fuller's', own a plethora of pubs and hotels throughout the country. The Chiswick based company lets out its buildings and offers its beer to individual publicans, and now times are getting hard, they're showing some love for their tenants.

A letter shared by one such tenant on Twitter explains that Fuller's will no longer be collecting rent for its properties. It states that after considering every option, they have decided to close the pubs and hotels under their in-house management, and have decided to stop all commercial rent for tenanted pubs.

They make absolutely clear that this is not a postponement: 'this reduction will not be recovered by Fuller's'. Undoubtedly, this is a huge blow to Fuller's, but naturally a large corporation like Fuller's can afford to lose far more than small business owners.

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