Fun food's facts - Buried in a Pringles can

An unusual way to rest in peace...

Pringles are one of the most famous chips brands... In the world, even if technically they can't really be classified as potato chips.

Pringles' main characteristics are their shape and their packaging. The unique and regular format called hyperbolic paraboloid of this kind of chips is due to the fact they're a mixture of ingredients cooked in a special mold. The dough used to make Pringles is made with 42% of potatoes flour mixed with corn and rice flours, salt, seasoning, and a few other stuff.

The idea apparently came from the fact that people complained about regular chips often crumbling in the package. Fredrick John Baur, an American food storage technician, and organic chemist expert, invented the tubular packaging which distinguishes this brand of chips. The Pringles can is made on purpose to stockpile the chips and avoid them to break and crumble. Bauer was so proud of his invention that he expressed the desire to be buried in a Pringles can when his time would come.

We can just imagine the disbelief of his family, but nevertheless, they accomplished his request. Fred Bauer died in 2008, at 90 years old, part of his cremated remains in a Pringles can have been buried in the Springfield Township graveyard, along with an urn containing the ashes.

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