Future Noodles launching in the UK – will these pots reinvent instant noodles?

The instant noodles brand founded by professional chef Carl Clarke wants to make the world a better place

7w ago

Professional chef Carl Clarke is set to launch his Future Noodle brand across the UK next month after a successful crowdfunding campaign last year. Clarke is the co-founder of Chick 'n' Sours and Chik'n.

Future Noodles aims to delivers nutrition-packed, plant-based noodles. And importantly, the brand is set to use fully recyclable cardboard for its packaging, after Clarke was concerned about the amount of single use plastic found in most instant noodle/ramen packaging.

Future Noodles will launch with three flavours: spicy kimchi, yellow curry and spicy mushroom and miso. They will be available for delivery across the UK and cost £3.75 per pot. We think the branding looks pretty stand-out!

Future Noodles has also partnered with charity food bank Fare Share and follows the 'Buy One, Give One' strategy under which they will donate a Future Noodle meal to those in need, for every pot of Future Noodles bought by you. So far, Clarke and his team have donated 8,000 meals.

“Working ridiculous hours as a chef in kitchens, Japanese instant noodles have always been my go-to snack, and as great as they tasted I knew they weren’t good for me, so the idea for Future Noodles was born," Clarke said. "It has taken lots of hard work and clever experts to create a plant-based product that is not only super tasty, but nutritionally complete too. Basically, these noodles are a healthy addiction."

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Comments (3)

  • Definitely an interesting read. I would give it a try if I can find them.

      1 month ago
    • Thanks 🙏 Even I would try them if they were available where I live

        1 month ago
  • I'm quite curious to try these despite living in Vietnam where noodles shops are everywhere. This would be a really convenient yet healthy snack to have. Hope to see it going mainstream and delivered worldwide in the future🍜

      1 month ago