Galaxy chocolate spread is here to take on Nutella

Doctors and dentists everywhere are all resigned to defeat.

1y ago

Never should the significance of happiness be underrated. It is said that laughter is the best medicine, so it can therefore be assumed that anything that makes you happy is completely and unquestionably good for you. I’m not a doctor, but I’m feeling better about myself already; ain’t science grand?

A staple source of happiness is, of course, excessive quantities of chocolate. Amongst the swathes of online ramblings, a particular obsession is the nutty and chocolatey spread of Nutella. However, renowned chocolate brand Galaxy has now crushed Nutella’s dreamy existence by launching a spread of its own.

Called the Galaxy Cookie Crumble spread, the sweet liquid capitalises on the crazy success of Galaxy’s Cookie Crumble bar that for so long has epitomised luxury chocolate at a cheap price. According to Galaxy, the spread is “a fabulous combination of smooth, silky Galaxy combined with a cocoa biscuit crunch”. Not the best worded statement ever produced, but we get the gist – they’re pretty pleased with themselves.

The irresistible spread has been spotted on the shelves at B&M for £2. That bastion of reliability the Daily Star newspaper certainly seems excited about it, tweeting four times in one day its loyalty to the Galaxy creation (in between highly accurate and important news stories about Katie Price and weird space conspiracies).

If I’m entirely honest, I’ve never really seen the appeal of chocolate spreads. If I wanted my toast to be smothered with something I’d choose salty butter or fruity jam, not something that makes my teeth ache first thing in the morning. On the other hand, plunging my fingers into a jar and desperately scraping out every last drop makes absolute sense.

Galaxy or Nutella: what will you be choosing?

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