Game for it? 'Self-isolate pack' and 'Pub-in-a-Box' will get you through

Get 14 days of gamey dinners delivered to your door for £25, or a 'pub-in-a-box' with everything you might need for a fun night ou... in

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I don't know about all of you, but even being 'advised' and 'urged' not to go out to pubs, bars and restaurants (and everywhere else) has got me a bit down. I know it's for the best, and I am taking the government's advice, but it's making me feel a bit cabin-fevery.

As a journalist, I get sent a fair few press releases every day, varying from "why on earth have you sent me that", to "what a great idea".

A couple of great ideas have landed in my inbox today: a game self-isolate pack, and a pub-in-a-box.

Wild and Game self-isolate pack

Wild and Game, the not-for-profit company putting game on the menu across the UK, has released a special self-isolation pack of frozen game meals, to help get people through this difficult time.

While shelves in supermarkets might be empty, you can get 14 days of game pies and pasties delivered straight to your door.

The packs are £25, with free delivery, and include:

Steak and Pheasant peppercorn pie x2

Pheasant chilli with cheesy mash topped pie x2

Pheasant cottage pie x2

Country Steak Pheasant and ale pasty x2

Country Pheasant Cajun Pasty x2

Country Pheasant Chicken and Mushroom Pasty x2

Country Pheasant and Peppercorn Pasty x2

Each pack is only £25 delivered free of charge directly to your door while stocks last. The products arrive frozen but will keep in the fridge for 5 days if freezer space is limited. A few people in the FoodTribe office (home office!) have already put orders in, including me. Get yours as well.

Signature Brew Pub-in-a-Box

East London brewery, Signature Brew is going all out to keep business going during this difficult time.

The company is looking for temporary delivery drivers to help drop off beer to local customers in London buying through the brewery's home delivery service. Specifically, the company is looking to the touring music community for drivers.

Signature Brew co-founder Sam McGregor says, “We love music as much as we love beer and it’s heartbreaking to see so many tours being cancelled because of the Coronavirus. With that in mind we’re reaching out to musicians who may now be left without work to drop off beers across London for our new home delivery service."

On top of that, the company is launching its Pub-in-a-Box, for those who have been asked to self-isolate or who are stuck at home. The pack contains Signature Brew's core range of beers, snacks (nuts and pretzels), two stem glasses, BEER MATS (not a pub without 'em), a Spotify playlist with a QR code and a music quiz. So everything you might need for a night in at the home-pub.

The Pub in a Box is also £25, available here.

Signature Brew
Pub In A Box - Beer, Glasses, Nuts, Pretzel Pieces, Music Quiz, Beer Mats & Exclusive Playlists

We appreciate you might not be able to head to the pub right now, so we thought we'd bring the pub to you. Introducing Signature Brew's Pub In A Box, a selection of our award-winning beers, with glassware, snacks, a music quiz and exclusive playlists curated by music journalists to accompany the beers themselves. These are available throughout the UK. If you're eligible for local delivery, we'll be hand delivering from the brewery, hiring musicians who have had their tours cancelled to help us get beer to your home. Please see the bundles available via the drop down, each one contains: - An even split of core and seasonal beers (either 8, 16 or 24, select via the drop down) tasting notes below- Snacks, 1x beer nuts & 1x pretzel pieces- Glassware, 2x glasses- Beer mats, because it wouldn't be a pub without them- Spotify playlists, curated by music journalists to accompany each beer- Music quiz, the greatest music quiz on earth ALSO! Don't forget to GET TICKETS to our Piss Up In A Brewery, £30 ticket includes FREE BEER at our TBC date party when all of this has blown over. Party of the decade, incoming. CORE BEERS ROADIE ALL-NIGHT IPA, 4.3% This refreshing beer is loaded with citrus notes, fit for road crews the world over. Unsung heroes, we salute you. STUDIO LAGER, 4.0% This beer is clean and crisp with unmistakable floral hits and a deliciously bitter finish. All the notes of an instant classic. BACKSTAGE IPA, 5.6% Backstage IPA gives you an access-all-areas experience like no other, welcoming you into an unforgettable world of tropical flavour. NIGHTLINER COFFEE PORTER, 5.7% This beer combines intense coffee tones with notes of dark chocolate to take you on a journey into the night… just like its tour bus namesake. SEASONAL BEERS G-SHARP, GRAPEFRUIT & GINGER SOUR, 4.2% Making a guest appearance in our line-up, this delicious sour beer brings together notes of real grapefruit and ginger for an electrifying duet. PINK VINYL, FRUITED GOSE, 4.6% This fruited sour beer oozes high fidelity black cherry & raspberry flavours, finished off with a crackle of sea salt & a hit of hibiscus. DJANGO, BELGIAN PALE, 7.3% Tropical fruit, banana & spice notes drift from a jazz guitar, carrying the Belgian-born player to fame & fortune in America. Django is our tribute to the man, the musician & the legend. RAW POWER, RAW IPA, 5.8% Using a traditional Scandi brewing technique, we created this full-bodied collab between Signature Brew & Norway's Nøgne Ø. Expect hits of of gooseberry, peach and mango.   All the beers in the bundle are suitable for vegans.

Have you come across any other great ideas to keep you entertained?

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