German DJ makes Salad boats

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1y ago

Berlin born DJ Frans Zimmer, better known as Alle Farben, is a megastar in the German DJ scene with many chart-topping hits to his name. He's worked with the most influential DJs in the industry like Robin Schulz and Martin Garrix.

Although being a DJ remains his day job, even in quarantine, Zimmer often swaps the DJ decks for the chopping board. To celebrate the launch of his new channel 'Alle Farben Kitchen', he uploaded a video in which he makes saladboats, a much loved favourite of the German DJ.

He teamed up with one of his best friends Leonard, who also works with Zimmer on his music. He and Leonard made three types of salad boats. The first with a mushroom filling, the second with salmon tartare and the last with banana and goats cheese.

These are very strange flavours but this combination of sweet, savoury and somewhat fishy actually works to hit all those important taste buds. This is a very healthy way to eat a lot of different foods as well as getting some of your five-a-day.

The video is in German but with the power of Google Translate and by just looking at what they're doing, you can also make this dish.

Let me know if you try any of these in the comments!

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