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49w ago

Over the past couple of months, as I have sat for day after day on my dust-soaked sofa in my living room that has been redecorated with pizza boxes and beer cans, I have occasionally considered that something might be missing from my life.

It’s certainly not repeats of ancient motoring shows because the delights of Dave support me with that. Nor is it an endless stream of absurd conspiracy theories – Facebook is happy to provide me with thousands of those a day.

Finally, the missing piece of the jigsaw has been found: my life has been lacking chocolate on demand. It is fortunate, then, that Deliveroo and Nestle have teamed up to bring much needed sugar relief to the nation.

Providing delights such as KitKats, Smarties and Fruit Pastilles (the ultimate destroyers of teeth – although, the green ones are indisputably the best), Nestle has joined Deliveroo Essentials to ensure that no household is left bereft of sugary treats – and essentials don’t get more important than those. Who needs toilet rolls, really?

Nestle’s specialities (including coffee) will be available to order from Deliveroo in a select number of places in the UK, including London, Manchester, Nottingham and Leeds. Nestle’s aim is to provide convenience to sweet lovers while online food ordering is being encouraged.

It may well be the case that chocolate on the go won’t be particularly helpful for people’s health or bank accounts, but look at this way – one chocolate bar is far cheaper and less destructive than an overwhelming Chinese takeaway. Tell that to your dentist the next time they’re filling in your teeth.

Reveal your favourite Fruit Pastilles flavour in the comments…

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  • Green is good and the way this lockdown stuff is going is pretty good too. We can get pretty much anything delivered 😁. Horsham lost most of the independent retailers years ago and we're left with coffee shops, mobile phone shops and crap chain restaurants.

      11 months ago
  • Green. The answer is green. Looks green, tastes green. Green.

      11 months ago