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Get fashionable with cheese puff nail polish

Forget acrylics and nail artists, this is where the real irresistible beauty is found.

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I am sure that there have been moments in your life when you have desperately wanted something exciting to happen and when the monotony of everyday life has dragged your enthusiasm to a halt.

It’s at those times when it becomes popular to reevaluate your circumstances and consider all of the different ways your existence could be so much more vibrant had you only selected a different option in the past. That’s why people fill their days with thrills like chasing after twisters and wrestling with tigers.

The problem with those sort of activities is that the excitement is only achieved at the cost of danger – and risk is not something I am fond of (it’s too much like hard work). The good news is that there is now a way to be bold and fascinating without the need to take a turbocharged dispatch towards death.

Sinful Colors – a manufacturer of only the very finest of nail polishes – has launched an entire new collection of nail colors that puts the world’s premier fashion houses to absolute shame. Fronted by singer Bebe Rexha, the exclusive Sweet and Salty collection boasts a range of nail colors inspired by popular food snacks. Adventure doesn’t come greater than breaking convention.

The scented polishes (that can be bought for under $3 at Walmart) include the impressive colors and smells of Cheese Puff, Taco Tuesday, Pizza Party, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Cake and Donut Even. Each manicure comes complete with highly realistic features, such as the Cheese Puff being bathed in orange and filled with a crumbly texture and the Donut Even containing glitter that is identical to rainbow sprinkles.

At long last there are a multitude of ways to look fantastic on Instagram and ensure that everyone keeps a safe distance from you in real life.

What nail polish flavors would you like to see?

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