Get in the Christmas mood with the spirit of Südtirol

    Let's talk about an interesting anomaly

    2w ago


    Südtirol (South Tyrol) is geographically located in Northern Italy but it is, in fact, a geopolitical anomaly. And a fascinating one at that. It technically lies under the Italian government but it is actually an autonomous region. German and Italian are both considered official languages and the locals tend to favour one or the other depending on where they live. Most residents speak both, the street names are all sign-posted in both German and Italian and the locals probably feel 15 % Austrian, 10 % Italian, and 75 % from South Tyrol. Period.

    The capital city is Bolzano/Bozen and the other major city, Trento, regularly sits atop the quality of life rankings. Unfortunately, this year's Christmas is going to look a bit different. The traditional open-air Christmas markets aren't happening because of C19 restrictions but I'd still encourage you to travel to South Tyrol as soon as you can.

    That's because it always feels a bit Chrystmassy around here, even in the Summer.

    What's the first destination you want to travel to after C19?

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    • I want to travel to Japan or Italy

        17 days ago
    • I would like to visit Mr. May's pub

        17 days ago