Get paid $5,000 to taste and review cheese

*Quits job, applies immediately*

42w ago

When you think about hitting the big time and landing the job you always wanted, what do you see? A pilot? A moviestar? A racing driver? What if I told you that you could be paid to review cheese? I know I have realigned my dreams.

Snack company, Whisps, are seeking to recruit a 'Cheese Executive Officer' and the only experience you need is working as part of a team. They ask that you are over 21, don't work for a competitor, and they feel it's quite important that you like cheese.

You'll be sent monthly supplies of cheese to taste and assess the quality of, along with quarterly cheeseboard supplies from artisan cheesemakers. Don't worry if you're not exactly big on cheese making lingo, full training with cheesemongers will be provided.

You will also be attending the World Cheese Championship in 2022 with cash to do so and a list of things to get up to while you're there.

Image: Whisps

Image: Whisps

As a brand ambassador, you'll receive a $1,500 stipend and $2,000 in cash, for your troubles, and counting the rest of the cheese related goodies, you'll be in receipt of $5,000 worth of goodies.

Applications are open now and close on 25 July, aka National Cheese and Wine day.

Good luck!

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