Get paid to go vegan... seriously

Is this the extra incentive you need?

2y ago

There are very well documented reasons to go vegan. On a personal level, for most it comes down to altruism or health. You can look at the impact that meat and dairy production has on our ever depleting environment and change your diet to do your bit. Or you can look at the health benefits of cutting meat and dairy out and let that guide your dietary choices.

The fact remains that, for most, it's really not easy to make that change. Some of life's little luxuries just don't fit in with the vegan lifestyle. With the benefits come the sacrifices.

Get paid to go vegan

A little something to sweeten the deal could be just what's needed... How about a cash reward?

We Are Feel are a multivitamin company looking to learn a little more about the impact of the vegan diet on the body's vitamin and mineral uptake and stores. Your 3 month switch to veganism would be supplemented by them to the tune of £2,000!

Naturally, given that the research is being conducted by a private company, you would be expected to take their multivitamins in the latter part of your transformation and they will need to take weekly blood samples to monitor your progress. But this could be a small price to pay to line your pockets and give you the motivation you need!

The trial is to start in December and only 5 applicants will be selected, so if you're aged between 18-60 and have been a meat eater for at least 6 months but are looking to change your ways, check them out!

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  • I would love to be picked.

      1 year ago
  • Really? So it's a case of "go vegan,we'll just say how great our multi vitamins are" ? Ooooo-kkaaaayyyyyy........! Phoooey.

      2 years ago
    • No no, they don’t seem to want any endorsement, just data

        2 years ago
    • Just don't believe it's something for nothing (or data). Maybe I'm just an old cynic? Or just old really.......ignore me!

        2 years ago
  • Hey there! Very interesting post here :)

    To inform you, there is coming another project about getting paid for going vegan! We created a crypto Token called Vegan Token (VGN). We pay people who buy vegan products, they send us pictures of it and we reward them with VGN Tokens :) The more VGN you own, the more you will get. There will be a minimum of VGN tokens you have to own to get a 1$ = 1VGN rewarded. So stay tuned and wait until our website is officially uploaded. The earlier you invest, the more you get rewarded!



    Telegram: (official announcement)

    Telegram: (official group)

    The contract:

      7 months ago
  • Probably not available in Québec as usual.

      2 years ago