Get up and grain: 5 of the best breakfast recipes ever

With a meagre 10% of UK adults eating enough fibre on average per day, wholegrains and pulses are vital for providing much needed nutrients.

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Breakfast has long been a cause for confusion: if it should be eaten, when it should be eaten and exactly what should be eaten to kick start the day. To help clear things up we’ve created a range of delicious recipes with Merchant Gourmet cook Alex Mackay that provide essential nutrients needed at breakfast time; as the saying goes “Eat breakfast like a King!” Full of the goodness of wholegrains and lentils, these recipes are quick and easy to prepare, guaranteeing to help set you up for the day.

Consultant Dietitian to Merchant Gourmet Sian Porter says: “The first meal of the day is important in breaking an overnight fast and providing energy, nutrition and hydration to fuel the body and mind until its next meal. Research has shown that those who skip breakfast do not perform as well as breakfast eaters in certain areas, and that breakfast can also improve mood. Meanwhile wholegrains can provide the foundation of a healthy breakfast and much needed fibre to help satisfy appetite and keep the digestive system healthy.”

With a meagre 10% of UK adults eating enough fibre on average per day, wholegrains and pulses are vital for providing much needed nutrients at breakfast time. These little super-grains, beans and lentils are also low in sugar and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals making them extremely powerful ingredients.

Beat breakfast boredom with variety and try one of our top five recipes below to help you Get up and Grain.

Super quick quinoa & smoothie

This is a great illustration of how you can combine some store cupboard and fridge staples to make a recipe of your own.

How to make lentil breakfast pots

These lentils are a riff on the great British staple of baked beans and in common with the beans, these lentils aren’t baked at all.

Freekah, chestnut and quinoa granola

This is a crunchy, chewy, golden and glorious way to start your day. Make sure you’ve always got a jar of this granola handy then alongside yogurt and fruit you’ve got a beautiful bowlful for your table, or a portable pot to take to work or school.

Eat the rainbow quinoa coconut porridge recipe

You can have a play and make a rainbow, or just cut everything up and shower the rainbow over the top. Feel free to vary the fruits to use what is in season, what you fancy, or just what you happen to have in the bowl. The lime is key though, it gives the porridge a vigorous burst of freshness and you a great burst of zest for whatever is next…

Breakfast bowl with Spanish grains, chorizo, avocado, egg, lime & tomato salsa

This is a glorious bowl of breakfast, the smoked paprika in the grains echo that in the chorizo, the salsa gives it a fresh burst and the egg yolk binds it all brilliantly.

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  • I want the breakfast bowl more than anything in the world!

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  • If I had to face lentils in the morning, I wouldn't get out of bed. Give me the coconut porridge!

      1 year ago