Get your gums munching Oreo's personalised cookies

The legendary cookie company is now allowing you to design your own crunches of perfection

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The key to buying gifts (so it’s claimed) is that it’s the thought that counts. You could spend millions on a diamond-encrusted turkey, but if the other person is a vegan you have completed wasted your time – and your money. Welcome to bankruptcy.

In order to save people who are useless at purchasing presents (like me) from the pits of eternal misery, the sweet experts over at Oreo have devised a very special way of showing your unbridled love and affection: personalised cookies.

As if splashing out for a packet of the champions of cream wasn’t already an adorable gift idea (albeit slightly cheap), the heroes of chocolate and milk will now manufacture the biscuits of your wildest fantasies, following the launch of OreoiD.

The website allows you to either alter just the creme of the cookies or initiate a full-blown reconstruction of the entire Oreo design. Why hasn’t Blue Peter ever showcased these critical skills?

There are five steps to follow to allow your imagination on an unstoppable journey through chaos and insanity by organising a total redesign of the historic crumbly cookies. The first options include identifying a colour for the creme, choosing between chocolate or white fudge dip and selecting from an array of bright sprinkles. Finally, you can then opt for an image and text to adorn your masterpiece.

This design will definitely catch on (credit:

This design will definitely catch on (credit:

Once your iconic Oreo treat has been created there are a number of packaging options to choose from, ranging from bags to thoughtful gift boxes. Naturally, such originality doesn’t come cheap; the basic option costs $2.50 per cookie (with a minimum purchase of 20 biscuits). Additionally, the customised crumb collections are currently only available in the USA.

These ground-breaking Oreo gifts really are the treasures we’ve all spent so long searching for. Now all we need is the setup of a sophisticated smuggling network that can ship the exclusive cookies across the globe.

How would you personalise Oreo’s cookies?

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Comments (25)


      3 months ago
    • When they inevitably come to the UK I will buy many (and share, of course...)

        3 months ago
  • any ideas? 😂

      3 months ago
  • It's sounds great!

    I think I would create space print in violet/black and green colour, with my favourite cake filling -Black forest it's a mix of cherry-chocolate and whipped cream🤔 with no sprinkles coz' I don't like it 😂 everything packed in black starry package 👌

      3 months ago
  • I've never eaten an oreo... And I doubt it will be coming to india.

      3 months ago
  • Custom Oreos, If the original ones taste amazing I can only imagine how these will be. I don’t think I could do these, as they would be gone within a day.

      3 months ago
    • Another problem is that they'd be too nice to look at to actually eat...

        3 months ago
    • Exactly, id have to get a display case. I couldn’t stare at food like that, especially delicious cookies

        3 months ago