Giant 1​kg avocados are available in the UK

M​orrisons has brought back its giant 1kg avocados for an epic smashed avo

1y ago

W​hy buy normal sized avos when you can get giant ones? That's right, Morrisons is putting its its 1kg avocados back on the shelves.

F​irst launched in Morrisons last year, 'The Giant Torres' avocados are only £2 and weigh three times as much as an ordinary avo. The avocados take 10 months to mature and grow.

Morrisons works in partnership with grower, Horacio Frias in Argentina to ensure optimum quality.

In addition, the avocados also offer the same ratio of 70% flesh to 30% stone, meaning customers simply enjoy three times the amount of creamy deliciousness.

Avocado expert at Morrisons, Liam Hancock, said: “The Giant Torres Avocados were a huge hit with our customers last year, so we’re delighted to be bringing them back. They are perfect for sharing or as an ingredient in meals such as avocado on toast."

A​valiable at most Morrisons stores, get yourself down to one and make as much avo toast as you can manage.

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  • I can't eat a normal-sized avocado fast enough before it goes brown.

      1 year ago