Giant Jaffa Cake for Easter? Here's the easy peasy recipe!

Can't get out of the house for an easter egg? Now you can go one better!

41w ago

If the notion to take up baking hasn't come over you during lockdown, it's coming... trust me! And not a moment too soon, with Easter just round the corner.

All advice is to stay indoors, and not to go out unless you absolutely have to – and now, as far as Easter is concerned, you don't! You can make an Easter treat for your special someone that's a million times better than an egg.

Who doesn't love a Jaffa Cake? Now is the time to supersize it and it couldn't be easier – as one bored baker found out, posting her recipe online for us all to try!

My recommendation is to demolish the lot of this yourself – but, if you are a more reasonable individual, you may want to share this with loved ones or even present it as an alternative Easter gift or birthday cake!

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