Ginsters to take on Greggs in the battle of the vegan sausage roll

Ginsters is set to release its own vegan sausage roll, bringing the competition to Greggs

48w ago

The vegan sausage roll world is about to get even more competitive. First, it transformed Greggs. And now, Ginsters, the UK’s largest pasty seller, wants a piece of the cruelty-free pie.

On 15 April, the snack company will launch its very own vegan sausage roll, which is produced in conjunction with Quorn. The product was developed after Ginsters identified a ‘disparity between consumer demand and market choice’, which they hope to align by introducing its own sausage roll.

Ginsters managing director, Kieran Hemsworth commented that ‘choice for vegan rolls is very limited’, considering the size of the market.

According to Ginsters, ‘55% of all consumers are reducing their meat intake’, and subsequently, the meat-free market has the power to change the bakery’s fortunes. According to Hemsworth, this new market of ‘pre-family’ vegans and flexitarians offers ‘a growth opportunity worth £5.8m’. Even for a very large bakery like Ginsters, this is a significant predicted growth – no wonder that both Quorn and Ginsters find this to be an ‘exciting’ progression.

The roll will be on sale for £1.25 – 25 pence more than Greggs, but given that this new ‘bespoke’ filling is ‘peppered with herbs and spices’, its quite possible that this 25p will represent a quality increase that many consumers will happily shell out for.

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  • If it's a competition to see who makes the cheapest pea protein pastry, I'm going with mushy pea pie.

      11 months ago