Glasgow bar feeds homeless before closing its doors

The virus is hitting us all hard, but there are acts of kindness to be found

1y ago

The COVID-19 outbreak is hitting us all, hard. We are all social distancing or in quarantine or even self isolating. Times are tough even for the most fortunate among us.

Imagine being a small business though. People are trying to keep at least 2m apart and you run a small cafe or bar. Your footfall is taking a plunge right now and with it, your profits.

It would be very understandable if places wanted to just close their doors and disappear for a while. The Admiral Bar, in Glasgow, had other ideas.

They were closing up, earlier this week, and didn't know when they'd next be able to serve a customer. As a busy pub serving food to hundreds of hungry Glaswegians every day, they were prepared for a regular couple of days ahead and the thought of letting all that delicious food go to waste wasn't one they were ready to entertain.

Instead, they decided to cook the food and serve it to the homeless population of Glasgow, for free. This included 70 pizzas, many portions of pasta and dozens of prepared rolls.

When asked about the idea, Dave, who co-owns the Admiral Bar, said, "Head Chef Kieran Woodward came up with the idea. We normally trade around 70 pizzas on a Tuesday at our quiz night, so we had the dough and sugo ready to go from Monday, with a shelf life of around a week. We made up some food parcels for staff to take home too."

Despite finding the generosity to do this in these tough times, he admitted to being very concerned about his business. With the government asking everyone to avoid bars and not subsequently forcing the closure of all cafes, it's not an option for some places, like this one, to run a take-away option. This has left a lot of small business owners very troubled.

In an attempt to maintain some sort of normality, the bar also hosted their Tuesday pub quiz on Facebook, much to the regulars' delight.

"We want to keep spirits up right now. Small acts of charity and kindness are all we have at this time."

We hear you, Dave.

Have you seen any positive stories during the Coronavirus crisis?

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  • That is great to hear the bit goodness with all the sadness.

      1 year ago
    • I agree. I’m really enjoying reading about all the kindness that’s out there during these tough times. I hope you are well, Jane

        1 year ago
    • So far so good. I hope you are good as well. Keep safe!

        1 year ago
  • A country with a good % of people who know how to think like structural engineers , will come up with ideas, for caring for homeless people.

    I'd be thinking of doing back yard home made versions of Airstream travel trailers.

      1 year ago
    • A country who had a government with even the tiniest bit of humility or sense of what was actually important could home the homeless if they wanted to. Sadly, we don’t have one of those, we have crappy landlords, new build townhouses and a...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • Over time, overall private wealth increases, partially due to technological advances which allow individuals to increase their wealth as they shift from being manual labourers to machinery operators.

      Insurance companies will be...

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        1 year ago
  • 135 kgs, can be towed by something like a tiny Ford econetic Fiesta.

    earth traveler has revealed its latest teardrop trailer using an ultralight composite made from chicken feathers. featuring a skeletal archway, designed to put minimal strain on the engine and wallet, the ‘T250LX’ weighs only 298 pounds

    ( 135 kgs )

    and can be towed by fuel-efficient vehicles including electric cars.

    earth traveler has also designed a full carbon version – the T2300 – which has an estimated weight of 216 pounds

    ( 97 kgs )

    and comes in at a price of $30,975. the T250LX is more affordable, costing just $10,000.

    Or you could build one at home for a few hundred bucks, from scraps of plywood,

    and a cheap tent.

      1 year ago
  • Keep at it world! There will be a better time.

      1 year ago