Gnocchetti prosciutto e gorgonzola: easy peasy!

It takes 10 minutes, and it's delicious

47w ago

Hello Foodtribers! This is a recipe that I made today with what I had at home.

Indeed, it is not new to combine gorgonzola with ham, but in this case, there is no butter (gorgonzola is already substantial enough), there is no sage, and there are no additions of any kind.

Let's see the basics, and then I'll explain some variations, okay?


500gr Potatoes Gnocchetti

250-300gr Sweet Gorgonzola

200gr Cooked ham cubes

Coarse salt and pepper


Sear the cooked ham cubes in a large pan, as in the photo. I use a wok for convenience; in any case, it should be non-stick.

Make sure to remove the silver paper and the crust from the gorgonzola. Take the cheese and cut it into pieces while you put it in a pan, you don't need to do it first, just divide it into large chunks.

In the meantime, boil the water and salt (not much, be careful, the sauce is already quite tasty). When the water boils, you can throw the dumplings. After a while, they will surface. Leave another few seconds, maybe taste one and see if they are cooked.

You can drain the gnocchi directly in the sauce with a slotted spoon, and if a drop of cooking water comes down, it's okay. Turn well with a wooden spoon and add the pepper to taste.

We finished. Quick and easy as I said, right? Buon appetito!


- cooked ham releases a little fat when you scald it. This is why I chose not to put olive oil or butter. But some recipes involve greasing the pan with one or the other.

- the gorgonzola. I don't know what you will find in the country where you live, but usually, the gorgonzola is divided into "spicy" and "sweet". It is not spicy like chilli pepper, it only has a stronger flavour and much more mould. In my opinion, the sweet one is better: softer and with less mould. And no, it's not "sweet" in the strict sense of the term.

- Parmesan? If you want. I did not put it for fear that it was too tasty, but you can taste it and add it directly to the plate.

- Sage? Of course, you can add a couple of leaves in the sauce at the end of cooking.

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Comments (9)

  • I've honestly never had gnocchi 🤭look delicious though

      10 months ago
  • It looks very tasty! 😋

      10 months ago
  • Just tried to make it, so simple and delicious, thank you for sharing recipe :))

      10 months ago
  • I will try it in my kitchen - it looks so delicious 😋 - it must be great 👍

      10 months ago
  • Oh my word! Heavenly!

      10 months ago