- A​ nice Döner Kebab.

G​ood Grubs: Having a Döner at the Teich

H​aving lunch surrounded by nature

4w ago

T​oday, I had to get my car repaired. I thought it would be it would be a quick fix, but that was not the case. My windshield wipers did not get disconnected, their motor is fried... And that needs to be ordered in first.

T​hat also meant that I was on my way back home sooner than I had anticipated. Since I was a little hungry, I decided to grab a nice Döner at a local Imbiss. I hadn't had one in a long time.

M​y Beverage.

M​y Beverage.

B​ut first about my beverage, because I also was thirsty. Today I grabbed an Orange-Ginger Lemonade. It was actually nice. A​nd less sweet than I would have thought.

T​he Döner.

T​he Döner.

S​ince I did not want to eat in the Car, I then headed up into the Harz and to the Prinzenteich to sit-down at its Shoreline and have my Lunch outdoors. That is always kinda nice.

T​he Döner I chose was nice, too. I had opted for mixed Meat, Chicken and Veal, Yellow Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce and Krautsalat. Usually I would have gone with Red and White Cabbage, but that was not an Option at the Imbiss I happened to choose today.

I​ think the Sauce was of the Garlicky Kind, maybe with a hint of Curry Powder.

A​t the Teich.

A​t the Teich.

T​he Salad was also the biggest downfall of this otherwise nice Döner. Iceberg just does not have much Flavour at all, and the Krautsalat was way to moist.

I​ guess I should have stuck with my usual Imbiss in Clausthal. Their Döner really is good. And they have the right Salads.

O​ff Course I took all my Garbage back out of the Woods with me, as anyone should.

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Comments (14)

  • Great post! 👌 Your Döner Kebab looks amazing actually, way beautiful than the ones I've had here, and they are pretty good so yours must be delicious! 😊

    I'd also love to try that Orange-Ginger Lemonade... 🤤

    Oh and it's good that you mentioned you took your garbage with you - even though it's the only decent thing to do - but sadly when I go for a walk here I always see lots of yogurt/juice bottles, bags of chips, etc etc, at the side of the road 😔

      27 days ago
    • Thanks!

      Here in the Harz I sometimes see McDonalds Bags or other Stuff everywhere. Also at that Teich where I had that Döner. And the next MD is around 9km from there!

        27 days ago
    • You're very welcome ☺️

      That's just very revolting, I don't get those people 😞

        27 days ago
  • I would try one!

      27 days ago
  • Never had one but who knows 🤣

      28 days ago
  • As a Berliner I usually make a bee line to the opposite sidewalk when I see a doner Imbiss. After 20 years here they still haven’t made a dent in my non desire to eat one.

      27 days ago