GOOD NEWS! Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the release date for his farming show

Don't put the popcorn on just yet though...

We’ve been watching The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson tend to his Diddly Squat Farm for about a year now. And with the pandemic causing a few problems here and there – have you noticed? – fans are starting to wonder when we’ll finally be treated to Clarkson, his many, many tractors and of course, cow juice on the screen.

Last year, we were told Jeremy Clarkson himself was releasing his own Amazon show about Diddly Squat Farm, appropriately named 'I Bought a Farm'. Well, after what seems like an age without any updates, we've finally got some news to bring you.

Clarkson has been busy working on the farm throughout the last year.

Clarkson has been busy working on the farm throughout the last year.

Of course, we've been watching Jezza hard at work on his farm over the last year or so, battling against the ongoing health crisis while managing to open up his own farm shop, create a line of merch, and continue to entertain us all in the process.

Not only that, but he also has a website for Diddly Squat Farm now, where - amongst other things - you can buy a candle that smells like JC's balls. No, really!

Well, it seems like the good news keeps on coming, as Clarkson has now revealed a release date for his farming show, despite no official word from Amazon themselves.

Speaking on Twitter, he revealed that the release date for 'I bought a farm' is June... apparently.

So, we're going to be waiting around for a while yet. But, with another Grand Tour episode in the works after the trio finished filming last year in Scotland, we could well be due a double-bill of Clarkson's wisdom and hilarity.

The other GT presenters have been equally busy. James May has been writing award-winning cookbooks and presenting his own cookery show, while Hammond has been busy getting himself stranded on a tropical island with Tory Belleci – all in the name of science.

So, it seems 2021 is going to be a bumper year for the trio!

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  • Clarkson finally reveals 'I Bought a Farm' release date 🐮! @tribe

      1 month ago
  • YESSSSSS!!!!

      1 month ago
  • I hope he’s not gonna mention how much it all cost.....I know they all have £millions, at times like this we don’t need to be reminded of it 😟

      9 days ago
  • Most excellent 👍

      1 month ago
  • Great will they ever ship state side from the store ?

      1 month ago