Gordon Ramsay reveals the worst TikTok cooking videos he's roasted

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TV chef Gordon Ramsay is well-known across the world for his harsh remarks when it comes to bad food. Hosting TV shows like Masterchef, Nightmare Kitchen and Hotel Hell have provided Ramsay with quite a lot of insight into how good 'home cooking' really is.

Ever since Gordon Ramsay made a profile on TikTok, he's become the de facto judge of food videos on the social media platform. He duets countless videos picking apart the very passion that made him famous. In July 2020, Ramsay encouraged fans to use #RamsayReacts in which he'd critique the dish that the self-proclaimed cooks post themselves making. The hashtag has 5.2 billion views at time of writing, making it one of the most viral hashtags on the platform.

So without further ado, here are some of the dishes Gordon Ramsay really didn't like.

Idiot Sandwich

The phrase "idiot sandwich" was made famous by Ramsay's outburst during a skit from The Late Late Show with James Corden. He placed two slices of bread between a contestant's head and asked "what are you?" to which the contestant replied "an idiot sandwich".

Ramsay then duets this video in which someone attempts to make an idiot sandwich. It consists of Ben & Jerry's ice cream sandwiched in-between two Dairy Milk chocolate bars, smothered with Nutella for good measure.

To most of us this may seem a bit too sweet for our liking but I'm willing to wager that there's at least one sweet-toothed madman that would try eating this and not throw up rainbows. At time of writing, this video by user@pleesecakes has just under 97 million views.

"Meat tree"

Another highlight of #RamsayReacts was when Ramsay discovered a video that showed TikTok users how to make a filet mignon tree.

In an interview with Insider Ramsay explained that "there was another guy who made a Christmas tree out of a wellington and topped it with a gold filet mignon," Ramsay told Insider. "You don't put f------ gold leaf on a filet mignon!"

At time of writing the "meat tree" video by user @maxthemeatguy has 52 million views.

Toaster steak

Most people like their steak rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done but not many would've tried a steak that's toasted. I think it's common sense that toasters are meant for just bread but TikTok user @itsmejuliette posted a video of her making this dish that simply shouldn't exist.

"And then last week I found someone sticking a ribeye steak in a toaster," he said. When asked by Insider what he thought about that innovation, the Brit called it "Disgusting. Toasters are for bread."

At time of writing, this video has 23.8 million views.

"Ice Age called, they want their wooly mammoth back"

Along with some of the fails that Gordon Ramsay reacts to on his TikTok hashtag there are a few that are just insane. Some people genuinely try to show Gordon that their home-cooking is somewhat good however this instalment of #RamsayReacts is certainly one of the more peculiar entries.

TikTok user @zerhmorzh makes a majority of his videos whilst sitting in a hole in the middle of an ice lake, which is not comforting for the summer enthusiast. Well, he posted a video of him pairing ketchup and mayonnaise to go between two blocks of ice.

At time of writing, this duet has 12 million views.

Nutella on a Wagyu?!

Nutella is a very versatile spread. You can put it on some toast, even pancakes and crumpets. One of the things you probably didn't think of in that list was a Wagyu steak. TikTok user @realguga rattled Ramsay's cage with just a few seconds of him smothering a Wagyu steak with Nutella. This is just wrong on so many levels.

This video, with over 22 million views, is one of the most popular videos under #RamsayReacts.

What was your favourite from the list? Comment them below!

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