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Gordon Ramsay sacks 500 staff because of Covid-19

The celebrity chef has endured stiff criticism as a result.

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Gordon Ramsay is not a man who is unfamiliar with dishing out criticism, as his hit TV shows including Hell’s Kitchen and The F-Word have demonstrated. Famed for his sweary attitude to pretty much everything, chefs of all calibres would receive regular grillings for anything that upset Gordon the Great.

Consequently, perhaps he is a man who is uncomfortable with being on the receiving end of other people’s displeasure. However, with the action he has recently taken against employees of his restaurant chain it may be that disapproval is something that he’s going to have to adjust to.

Restaurants have been suffering for some time from a downturn in trade as consumers shun the experience of quality dining for cheaper and more convenient alternatives. With the Covid-19 outbreak adding to the woes of restaurants (all of which have been ordered to close in the UK) the very existence of some chains has come under threat.

Hence Gordon Ramsay’s decision to lay-off over 500 workers employed by his Gordon Ramsay Restaurants company has been met with dismay by some, but has been backed by those who believe it is financially necessary.

Although the chef promised that employees would be paid until 17th April, he additionally stated that there was no guarantee that they would be able to return to work when the restaurants eventually re-opened. The fact that most workers were informed of their dismissal by email only served to pour salt into some considerable wounds.

Since the announcement there has been a predictable back-and-forth reaction on social media with Ramsay – estimated to own a fortune of £185 million – fighting back against the arguments posed by people who disagree with his decision.

It is quite evident that Ramsay’s chain of restaurants will not be the last to have to take unpopular economic measures in order to try and stay afloat as the Covid-19 disaster drags on. Due to the complete cessation of consumer purchases because of the country-wide shutdown of eateries it is not difficult to see how large numbers of other firms – big and small – will have tough battles to fight in the weeks (or even months) ahead.

Do you agree with Gordon Ramsay’s decision to dismiss staff?

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  • what is he supposed to do break the restrictions during covid and go see each employee and sack them???? really,???? secondly restaurants are not cash cows their margins are slim so if people have to be dismissed for a possibility for a business to have a chance of survival then it is the way. It sucks but all businesses can not pay all of their employees endlessly because of this. This is unchartered territory so things have to change. How many businesses may look at employees working from home after this and get rid of huge offices may surprise everyone. Less cars on the road commute to work in a minute, more family time. Hmmmm

      1 year ago
  • Is it really necessary?

      1 year ago
  • One point for each food-based pun spotted

      1 year ago