Gordon Ramsay's Onion Chopping tips will change your life

I've been doing it wrong all these years...

1y ago

How to chop an onion. Something so simple to many yet much more complex than you may initially think. I have always just butchered them with any old knife and hoped for the best but this technique, the Ramsay technique, has changed the way I chop up onions and will change yours too. Unless you already use this technique, in which case I have just wasted a minute of your time.

Gordon explains that it crucial to leave that stubbly bit on the end of the onion otherwise the onion will start to bleed, causing you to cry. I did not know this. That is usually the first thing I chop off, which is why I cry as much as someone who has just lost a pet cucumber on an ITV soap opera.

He then goes on to explain the correct way to chop the onion, which is another thing I have been doing wrong. He shows you where to place your fingers as well as letting the knife do all the work. Sounds easy right? Well, it probably is, but not for a cookery bogan such as myself.

The end result is truly magnificent. It is such an easy instruction for finely chopped onion, but one I never would have thought to use. I hope you find this useful and you never know, maybe you will end up teaching this technique to fellow cooking enthusiasts. Or just show them this article...

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Comments (2)

  • I learnt this at a barbeque course a few months ago - it's changed my life. Well, at least as far as my onion-chopping skills are concerned?

      1 year ago
    • Well, by the looks of your Instagram BBQ's, it worked a treat!

        1 year ago