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Gordon Ramsay's 'Rate My Plate' is back - and this time he's on TikTok

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1y ago

Gordon Ramsay is one of the world's best known chefs, if not the best known chef. Known for his short temper, ability to reduce the strongest person to a quivering idiot sandwich, and love of Ferraris, the sweary chef has now taken to Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is everywhere at the moment, although potentially not in the US for much longer if Trump has his way. There are more than a whopping two billion users on the app now.

Over the last few weeks, Gordon Ramsay's Tik Toks have been blowing up . People are using the hashtag #GordonReacts, to help him find dishes to judge.

Here are three of the best:

DIY Steak?!

This is hilarious. Yes, someone tried to make Wagyu steak using cheap mince. Ramsay gets more and more confused with every step the user shows. From the use of gelatine to Ramsay's remarks about his grandfather's colostomy bag, this TikTok is back to the classic days of 'Rate my Plate'.

'Rate my Plate' is still going on various social media platforms, where random people roast any dish you post. Any feedback is good feedback?

"It looks like wallpaper paste"

Everyone love meatballs. Do you need to make them shirtless? Probably not.

Gordon reacts to this simple meatball recipe consisting of: beef, butter, flour, stock, double cream and a few more bits and bobs. The video shows the Tik Tok user taking a lot of pride in his cooking, clearly Ramsay had other ideas.

"You've lost the plot"

The final video I have for you today is Ramsay reacting to an American trying to cook up a British classic: fish and chips. There are nearly 11,000 fish and chip shops in the UK and it's safe to say – us Brits love our chippy tea.

Yes, it's the same crazy troll 'tea lady' who also ruined beans on toast and annoyed our own Jesse Billington.

Yes, she puts the fish in the microwave. She fries up a few sliced potatoes and voila, fish and chips – apparently. Gordon is not best pleased.

Gordon might have seen worse throughout his years of roasting, but he still doesn't have much faith in the general public's cooking...

Do you think Gordon Ramsay would like your food?

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  • Sorry can’t follow anything GR is on, from the Man who once threw a hissy fit when a customer asked for tomato ketchup their hugely expensive fish and chips.......urban myth 🧐

      1 year ago