Grab a napkin. You're going to need it.

    Croque Madame...the ultimate in grilled sandwiches

    Jane Fyffe posted in French

    8w ago


    Go grab you a napkin because you are going to need it to wipe up the drool. I love grilled sandwiches and this has to be the ultimate grilled sandwich. I have never had or made a Croque Madame before and now I will never be the same. Let's get this food porn started. You start out by making a béchamel sauce and adding some parm to it, then set it aside to cool. Take a piece of sour dough bread, spread butter on it and place it butter side down in your skillet. Arrange a few pieces of ham on your sour dough, I used Boar's Head Black Forest Ham. You have that napkin ready, right? Take your béchamel and mix in a healthy dose of shredded swiss. Now smear some of that on your ham and top that with another piece of sour dough. Cook it until it's nice and golden crunchy. We're not done yet. Another spread of your béchamel/swiss mixture on top of your sandwich, plus some more swiss and stick it in the oven with the broiler on until that gets golden.

    Time to fry up that egg and place it on top of that creamy, golden, cheesiness.

    Are you ready? Time to cut it in half....

    Oh yeah! The layers of flavors are amazing! The buttery crunch of the bread, creamy cheesiness, a bit of saltiness from the ham, and that rich egg yolk. #CHALLENGE

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