Grass fed/finished beef (Double Trouble patty) with Dubliner cheese from Ireland, but here's the flavorful star of the show. . .
Maple Syrup (Sugar free) on each burger, the Bacon crumbles were heated in a pan with ghee (same ghee that went on the low carb hamburger bun) and they also were infused with maple syrup as they cooked in the pan.

The Autumn Harvest Burger 🍔🍃👻
Has emerged !!

It was great, not that pure super sweet taste that you'd get if it were on Pancakes or straight from the jar, slightly sweet in a subdued way, but it certainly made the Burgers! Very flavorful without being overpoweringly sweet, you could taste it on the burgers but I found that the Bacon crumbles cooked in maple syrup really popped!!

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Comments (8)

  • Oh hell yeah!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

      10 days ago
  • I still need to try this! I have seen a couple of people on here try it and really like it.

      10 days ago
  • Thanks John! I'm sure somewhere they make a Maple Burger but I've never had one till i made it and brother that gave the meat & bacon an incredible flavor, I'm definitely going to give it some more rounds!

    Appreciate your comments!

      10 days ago
  • Yes please 🙏

      9 days ago
  • I almost want a burger for breakfast!

      10 days ago