Green gold: the fruits of the garden

Farming is hard work, but you are rewarded with the goodness of things grown with love

40w ago

This garden belongs to my father... to our family, let's say. But I don't take credit for what was born here because the green thumb is not something I inherited. In any case, I like spending time between fruit trees and aroma bushes.

It is not easy to grow, and Jeremy Clarkson knows it: it is hot, the sun beats down, and then there are the insects that eat the leaves, the snails, and various parasites that risk killing the crops.

Rosemary is an aromatic plant typical of the Mediterranean area. There are areas of southern Italy where it grows becoming very high and filling the air with its perfume. It is perfect for flavouring roasts and potatoes!

Even heavy rain and hail risk were ruining everything. It happened with these little apples.

These figs are still unripe: they will ripen in late summer. I can not wait!

It's also early for plums, but for now, the tree looks healthy and full of fruit!

Having contact with nature is essential. The garden offers natural, tastier and more genuine products. It's really a little piece of paradise.

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