Green tea and lemon tea drink

48w ago
- green tea and lemon tea

Found it time ago in supermarket and need to admit that such drink has very nice and refreshing taste of green tea and lemon (which I bought this time). There is many variants of that such as: jasmine pearl tea, lemongrass mint tea, popcorn tea and rooibos and ginger. This drink is proper for vegan, there is no sugar,calories and gluten and what's more you can drink it cold or you can heat it up, so pretty nice!

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Comments (17)

  • I like the sound of all of those. Except the popcorn one.

      11 months ago
    • haha, I was a bit confused when I saw popcorn flavour but I haven't tried yet

        11 months ago
    • Let me know if you do try it. Lol

        11 months ago
  • They all sound good except maybe the popcorn one.

      11 months ago
  • I find green tea nigh undrinkable. Lemon might save it.

      11 months ago