Greggs launches DIY bakes so you can get your fix at home

Greggs has closed its doors: it's time to open your oven.

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If you'd have asked me, Greggs is an essential. However, on the 24th March they shut up shop to help with the social distancing guidelines. This was, of course, the best decision the bakery could have made, but it has left many wanting.

Now, Greggs has begun to release its own bakery tutorials; while cooped up at home you can now 'GIY' (Greggs It Yourself, naturally).

The first recipe is a sausage, cheese and bean melt, and it's rated 'easy' – I think they assume you use readymade puff pastry. The bakery writes, 'If you’re craving a Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt right now, we sadly can’t bake it for you, but here’s how to #GreggsItYourself'.

The recipe is simple: cut some pastry into two squares; egg wash the edge; mash up some baked beans and sausage; spoon it onto one of the pastry pieces; cover; seal with a fork; egg wash; bake. Easy.

The video attached is plenty clear enough, but surprisingly low production quality for such a large company. It seems to be one person both filming and baking, which, although commendable in terms of social distancing, is a departure from the glossy production you might expect.

The most important step in the recipe.

The most important step in the recipe.

The video might not be amazing, but the steps are clear, and the sentiment is superb. It's great that Greggs are willing to share the steps for people to make their products, and while this recipe was very simple, we can anticipate other, more complicated ones are on the way (vegan steak bake, please).

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  • Why is it on a roof tile?

    Roof tiles are to stop bird shit and rain.

      10 months ago
  • Great idea by them to share some DIY!

      10 months ago