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Gr​eggs now under vegan rule

T​he boss of the bakery chain Greggs has just turned vegan!

Laura Bowes posted in Vegan
1y ago

Gr​eggs. Renowned for its sausage rolls and steak bakes, is now under the influence of veganism.

R​oger Whiteside, the chief executive of the British company has been following the on-trend vegan lifestyle for three weeks, meaning he's on the vegan sausage rolls from now on. Mr Whiteside stated: "​If you'd have asked me three weeks ago which roll I preferred, I would have said the original sausage roll, but I'm now attempting to live on a vegan roll."

H​owever, according to the 61-year-old Whiteside, this decision was mainly taken for health benefits: "This was all about the health benefits and I thought I should give it a go," he said. Through working his way through the vegan menu of the bakery giant, he seems to be doing quite well.

Yet veganism has its difficulties, as it's not just the meat you need to look out for: "Avoiding meat is easy. The problem is avoiding dairy, avoiding milk and cheese is almost impossible," he added.

On the plus, Mr Whiteside continues to point out that Greggs is changing its approach to the popular plant-based lifestyle, having introduced various new items to accommodate those following a vegan diet.

T​hese include: the vegan sausage roll; the vegan wrap; and the vegan sweet mince pie, which are all receiving raving reviews!



Does this mean a vegan future for the pastry king that dominates Britain's streets? Possibly. If that was the case, would Greggs still have a special place in your heart?

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Comments (14)

  • when the mind is quiet …..youtu.be/SYl8cL83Z24

      1 year ago
    • oh no, that bad?

        1 year ago
    • that good.

      Am sitting with the dogs eating powdered mashed potato, 2 min noodles, and home made palak paneer, thinking the life of a Buddhist monk in the mountains, looks kind of cool.

      Ok freezing probably.

      Read more
        1 year ago
  • Vegan doesn't necessarily bring health benefits, and has its own set of problems. If you're going vegan because you want to be kind to animals, that's great, but if you're going vegan because "it's healthier", it's not really the case. Ask a doctor (not a nutritionist without a medical degree).

      1 year ago
    • Fair enough, it depends of course on many elements and how you live your life.

        1 year ago
  • Fixed.

    Whys is this always being pushed on people.. its a personal preference!

      1 year ago
    • I think it’s how you view it. I wouldn’t say the boss of Greggs being vegan will make me want to. It was his personal preference. I wouldn’t call it tragic anyway haha!

        1 year ago
  • Good for him! I’m sure it won’t impact the business

      1 year ago
  • Good thing I’m in Canada. I’m not there yet. Vegan that is.

      1 year ago
    • ah you see, not missing out here

        1 year ago
    • I can’t comment about the store. We don’t have it here, so out of respect, I shall keep my mouth shut. 😋

        1 year ago