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Greggs releases chicken bake recipe

Another welcome addition to the Greggs DIY bakes collection

1y ago

It seems that every man and his dog are releasing fast food fave recipes at the moment. For example, John Torode has cracked the McDonalds Apple Pie, Pret has released its cookie recipe and Wagamama has produced some cooking tutorial videos.

Greggs was one of the first to the party on this. Since its closure in late March, they've been suggesting GIY bakes (you know, #Greggsityourself). Every Wednesday, they've been releasing a video showing fans how they can rustle up their favourite pastries while stuck at home.

We've already had the Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt and the Steak Bake, but now they've added the Chicken Bake to their roster.

To make the Chicken Bake you'll need the following ingredients.

Small chunks of chicken

Chicken stock

Cornflour mixed with water

Double cream

Cream cheese

Puff pastry

An egg

If you've got all the bits you need, and you're craving that chicken-y deliciousness, then head over to Gregg's Facebook or Instagram to watch the step-by-step guide. Pre-warning though; this one is rated as 'medium' difficulty, so keep your wits about you.

In truth, it's not that tricky; it's just got the extra step of making the filling, rather than simply loading up pastry with cheese and beans, as was the case for the first GIY.

What Greggs pastry do you want instructions for next?

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