Growing tomatoes in Saltwater

Ryan Lefers is the co-founder of Red Sea Farms located in Saudi Arabia

1y ago

The future of sustainable agriculture is looking brighter each and every day thanks to technological advancements around the world. One such example is our guest today that has pioneered a hydroponic method that allows growing of tomatoes in saltwater. Ryan Lefers is the co-founder of Red Sea Farms located in Saudi Arabia. Ryan grew up on a farm in South Dakota and pursed an agricultural engineering degree. He is now putting his experience to work by doing his part to help develop technologies that help feed the world. In our interview today, Ryan will explain the process of growing plants in saltwater and what the farmer/consumer relationship is like in Saudi Arabia.

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Comments (2)

  • Will this method of growth affect the sodium content or any other nutritional values of the tomatoes grown?

      1 year ago
    • Great Question! The sodium content will stay relatively the same as will the nutritional values. But you'll possibly be getting a tastier tomato!

        1 year ago