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Part 2 - The reveal to No Gas, Heating or Hot Water!

10w ago

Thank you all for participating in my "Guess What Is In My Ninja". Your comments / guesses and getting involved was appreciated, and I will attempt some of the ingredients that you posted. So lets hope the big reveal was not a let down. Drum roll pleassssseeeeeee.... Yes a Pasta Bake!
- An actual PASTA BAKE! I attempted this for the first time and I think it came out Pretty Damn Cool!

After having to part cook my pasta in batches in my Vocha Electric Hot Pot 1.5l, this was kind of painful but I got through it! and then having to make my mince in my Pressure King Pro 8 In 1 (I forgot to screw the lid properly and it BLEW UP (mince everywhere - I had to start again - I cant believe I nearly lost my life to Beef Mince), I could finally assemble the goods in the Ninja, adding a bit more spice and some cheese it was ready. Half way through cooking the cheese was browning at the top, but when I poked it and gave it a small mix it it was still very liquidy? (so what do you do - add more cheese lol), after doing this, I mixed in the browned cheese topping and continued the cooking, 4min towards the end, I sprinkled some parmesan and dried parsley (no one like burnt parmesan right)... and Voila.. A pasta bake in a Ninja Foodi Max Health Grill Air Fryer and Dehydrator - it actually had the perfect consistency, not to runny or thick. I want to thank you all for participating .. can't wait to play the next "Guess What is In My Ninja?!!!

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