Guinness at an Irish pub never disappoints

3w ago


I went out with a mate for a drink and while we couldn't make up minds where to go for a drink. I wanted to have a proper beer and he wanted something he could enjoy slowly. Two minutes later we were on foot down to the The Irish Times Pub on Little Collins Street (here in Melbourne, Australia).

When we arrived we told the bartender "two pints of Guinness, please". This is the moment the glorious theatre starts. You see this lovely brown beer slowly settling down and turns into the famous black beer we all know it to be. Then you take the sip that gives you a Guinness moustache - the taste never disappoints. The night was off to a good start, and thats all that mattered. Cheers to all you.

Forgive the photograph, I clicked it fast, mostly to avoid my mate to not complain about me tuning into one of those #foodporn people.

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