2w ago

Guys, have you ever tried plum dumplings?

A popular Autumn dessert across Eastern Europe. It is made with fresh ripe plums coated in a mashed potato dough and tossed into sweetened cinnamon breadcrumbs... or Gomboti, a traditional Romanian dessert with plums in potato dough with sweet breadcrumbs on top. These are stuffed with plum jam,with coconut sugar....🥥

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Comments (8)

  • I haven't tried them with plums 🥺. It looks delicious!

      14 days ago
  • The potato dumpling is interesting, I was not expecting that. It looks very good 👍

      15 days ago
    • Yes... Doug they usually look like that, they can be covered by your choice😊🙌🏻

        14 days ago
    • I would be very happy with the cinnamon 🙂

        14 days ago
  • Sounds pretty interesting

      14 days ago
  • My favourite meal...So bad taht my mom makes them very rare

      7 days ago