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Halle Berry shares her unbeatable keto chicken recipe

Halle Berry is a fitness fanatic – and we all know that the real gains are made in the kitchen.

1y ago

Wondering what Halle Berry has been up to since her 2002 appearance as Jinx Johnson, the sexy, strong and short-haired NSA agent in Pierce Brosnan's most outlandish 007 outing, Die Another Day?

Well, recently she's been taking social media by storm with her fitness regimes – and last week she turned her hand to recipes. She posted to her Instagram a recipe for her 'cheesy bacon ranch chicken', which sounds completely delicious. Many of you might be thinking, 'that would be nice between two halves of a crusty roll or on a bed of potatoes', but that's not how Halle likes it. She follows a keto diet, and so suggests that this recipe is good with some veg and nothing else.

The keto diet has long been the preference of those looking to gain muscle and lose weight. It is essentially a low-carb diet that encourages fat burn rather than sugar (and carbohydrate) burn. This fat burn process produces 'ketones', and that's where the diet gets its name.

In the post, Berry wrote that, since her workout partner wasn't with her, rather than posting a fitness story she'd be sharing a recipe. "I thought I would give y’all one of my go-to #Keto recipes… Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken. This baby is filling, easy to make, requires only a few ingredients and is next level DELICIOUS," she wrote.

First, Halle fried the bacon in a pan. She then seasoned the chicken and fried it in the leftover bacon fat. Once the chicken was cooked on the outside, she coated it with sour cream. On top of that, she sprinkled on her seasonings that were mixed to taste similar to ranch.

After that sizzled for a bit, she put some shredded mozzarella on top and let the cheese melt before adding some diced green onion and bacon. To serve, throw this chicken deluxe on some cauliflower mash and you've got yourself a solid dinner.

What better way is there to welcome in the easter weekend than with a glorious chicken recipe?

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