Halloween treats to keep the kids busy

Looking for something spooky and original to make with the little ones? Look no further

17w ago

It's that time of year again, where the kids are already hyper to the point that you're concerned about the impact the rapidly approaching onslaught of sugar is going to have on both their ability to sit still, and your ability to focus! There is little point in avoiding it and, you know what they say: If you cant beat them, join them.

I would like to caveat this with the reassurance that this is one of those glorious times of year when we (the alleged adults) are given the ok to regress back to our childhood and enjoy the fun. You are excused from adulthood, so get involved!

The run up to Halloween can be hectic trying to organise costumes (post your photos in the comments as I'm sure there have been some inspired creations!) so take some time out, gather your nearest and dearest, and make some original, spooky themed snacks to keep you going until the big event. These will seriously impress those trick or treaters.

Easy peasy and you can eat them on the run up to Halloween, keep them for a party, or hand them out to trick or treaters for something a bit different.

Sticking with the body parts theme and using things you can throw together at little notice, this one will take moments to prepare and will be sure to keep everyone entertained.

Similarly to the creepy smiles, this next recipe requires little more than a packet of cookies. This one is more 'grab and go' friendly, so could be set aside for trick or treaters. If, of course, you can resist eating them all yourself!

Are you ready to be thoroughly grossed out? We all secretly love pimple popping, right? Well now you can have as many massive pimples to pop as you like...!

For something a little more challenging, we look to the spookiest person on this year's Great British Bake Off, comfortably giving Noel Fielding a run for his money. Of all of Helena's amazing bakes, this is the simplest and, if you've got some fancy pants silicon moulds, it can be a showstopper all over again. I recommend ditching the fancy stuff and going for a more creative, homemade look with these gorgeously grim wicked witch finger biscuits.

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  • The poppable pimple cake is virtually impossible not to click on.

      1 year ago
    • If you try them please let me see, they are so gruesome!

        1 year ago
  • This is fantastic!!

      1 year ago