Ham vs Spam

Time to find the ultimate canned meat.

1y ago

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  • Margarine is of course something that all petrolheads can love, because it is made from the oil from which gasoline is made. But it seems to me that it is also harmful to humans like petrol when taken in a mug.

    pleased everyone, and vegans and those who didn’t even have to put a leaf of lettuce. Now we need a video for people with allergies:)

    Or will you try something sweet? Just soon the holidays and everyone will want something special and sweet, festive like a cake.

    Princesses were indeed often cruel ...

      1 year ago
  • James, I’m sorry, what is salad cream? Mayonnaise?

      1 year ago
  • I'm flagging this post as Spam!

      1 year ago
  • I prefer Spam siced thin fried till crisp served with eggs and fried potatoes

      1 year ago
  • to get the Spam out, invert the tin and give it a good whack on the counter. #SpamEnthusiast

      1 year ago