H​ammond and May go live to confront drink problem

D​ependance is a real issue, say tragically separated presenters

1y ago

R​ichard Hammond and James May will tonight host a live YouTube broadcast to discuss their struggle with the drink that almost destroyed 18th century London - gin.

O​n the eve of World Gin Day, Hammond and May were hoping to each produce a Frosé cocktail in collaboration with World Gin Day founder and mothers’ ruin expert Emma Stokes, AKA the Gin Monkey. But the event has run into problems.

’​Making this cocktail is dependant on owning a functioning food blender,’ says Hendricks (other gins are available) enthusiast Hammond. ‘James has sent me one, but it’s arrived in bits’.

M​ay, who is known to like a tall one around 6.30pm, explained. ‘I knew Hammond wouldn’t have a blender, so I sent him one by courier. But for some reason I still can’t fathom, just before I packaged it up, I completely dismantled it. Maybe I thought that was funny.’

’​Normally,’ continues Hammond, ‘I would just go to the shops in my E-Type Gin-and-Jag and buy another one, but that isn’t possible because of lockdown. I’ve got no choice. I’ll have to reassemble this one before I can show the viewers how to make the cocktail.‘

B​ut May remains optimistic. ‘I can talk him through the reassembly process, and hopefully he’ll have it done before our 45-minute YouTube slot expires. Mind you, I am 150 miles away, and our internet connections are about as reliable as a pissed alarm clock.’

‘T​hese two really are idiots. They’ve potentially turned this simple idea into car-crash internet TV,’ says Rachael Hogg, editor of FoodTribe. ‘But at least Hammond’s the right man for the job.’

You can watch the drama unfold further tonight at 6pm BST

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  • The problem is never the drink, it’s the drunk. Lol

      1 year ago
  • I haven't got a drink problem.. I like it.

      1 year ago
  • Will it address the amount one should consume vs what they consume....a virtual intervention of sorts? Or an intervention to get May to stop taking things apart and gifting bits and pieces.....either way I will be there and loving every minute of it.

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • Cheers fellas x Lockdown suits you James 😍

      1 year ago